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Girls wechat ids free

Leswing: Do the people working there at Pegatron know they're assembling Apple products? Leswing: So what did you know when production switched from the i Phone 6 to the i Phone 7? They increased the sensitivity of the metal detectors. And so they couldn't pass the door because they had the metal in the bra. Here's how it works: Our factory, when we got to working, they are already assembling the infrastructure of the assembly line.Did people know that this was an unreleased product? And so a lot of the girls had to change all of the sudden that day because they increased the sensitivity. They have this curtain circling it so you can't even see how the infrastructure is, right?We were working at the same workshop, but there are people doing construction there.And then after they've finished construction and need to move people in, we were moved out and working in another building of the factories.That's the routine that Dejian Zeng experienced when he spent six weeks working at an i Phone factory near Shanghai, China, last summer.

You're trying to assemble it, and then you put it back and you wait for another few hours for the next one to come in.

Apple performed 16 audits at the Chang Shuo Pegatron factory, finding that 99% of workweeks were under 60 hours, with the average workweek for people assembling Apple products clocking in at 43 hours. What I did is that I put the speaker on the case, and I put a screw on it. I mean, it's simple, but that's the work that you do. At the beginning, I would have work on the night shift. Some coworkers start working at p.m., some workers at 8 p.m., some like p.m, some at p.m. Zeng: After two more hours — and about eight hours total — working, then it depends on whether you need to do overtime or not. Leswing: Does that also include you waiting in line to go through a metal detector and that kind of stuff? If you included those, you should include 30 minutes more. Some workers get there and if they don't like it, they quit very quick. And after one year, you can get promoted to become the line manager. At the lowest level, you're an operator, and then you get into the multitask worker [position].

Wages at Pegatron have increased more than 50% over the last five years, and they are higher than the Shanghai minimum wage, the spokesman said. Zeng, who plans to work at a Chinese human-rights nonprofit when he graduates, said he believed a strike was imminent at the Pegatron plant when he went to work there. The [i Phone] housing — we call it the back case — is moving on the assembly line, and that's when we pick it up, and now we get one screw from the screw feeder, and then we put it on the i Phone and then put it back, and it goes to next station. I started at p.m, so I take the shuttle bus at 7 p.m., and then we start getting to the factory about p.m. If they see you lay down, they will swipe the ID and take a record of it. And then they will publish it to your whole assembly line, so your manager would come and yell at you later. The third level is group leader, and then it's line manager.

At the same time, Apple's overseas manufacturing has long been a target of criticism from some groups that point to workers' long hours and low wages. So sometimes I never see my roommates for a month because we are on a different shift, and they shift it every month. Zeng: Yeah, they are with their girlfriends or their wives. Zeng: That's where I find that the stereotypes about workers is not right. They need to support their families back in the rural area.

Leaders in the tech industry say Apple has shifted its practices to address previous controversies over its factory workers in China. And then downloading apps sometimes are like 20 to 30 coins or something. You need to need to do that to get access to Wi-Fi. And then most you can watch is one movie and then you really need to go to bed. Sometimes they rent an apartment outside the campus. They want to send their kids to do some dancing classes. And sometimes entertainment news, celebrities, all the things that young people talk about. I think the only way to look at the factory job is that you really keep people from being homeless.

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And then the pattern of Chinese migrant workers is that they go out to the city and do jobs for a year, and then they quit, then they go back home to stay one month for a new year or something like that, and then go out or find another job. Zeng: Some workers have i Phones, but not very many because of the monthly wage.

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