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When you consider many bosses have attacks that deal a multiple of their normal damage, then the stacking effect of AP becomes very apparent.

LAN by entering IP settings (VLAN configuration will be covered following physical LAN setup).1=Stockholm [New York] Deploy Root=\MDT01\MDTProduction$ [Stockholm] Deploy Root=\MDT02\MDTProduction$ [Default] User Domain=CONTOSO User ID=MDT_BA Skip BDDWelcome=YES Note The Deploy Root value needs to go into the Bootstrap. After the update is complete, use the Windows Deployment Services console.This Active Sessions section displays the active inbound / outbound sessions of each WAN connection on the Peplink Balance. If someone could find a video of this, its pretty hilarious. Preparation (Rogue talent) used to reset the CD on blind as well. Don't know if these were posted: You could only fly from directly connected flight paths. That is to say, that if you were snared when you charged, you would charge at a slower speed, and usually end up WAY WAY WAY far off from your target.

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