Priyanka dating ranbir setting up an online dating agency

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Priyanka dating ranbir

The exact percentage to the question was indeed 57%, so he would've won the jackpot of 10 Crore had he played on.

In this round, the contestant was given similar questions and placed a range on a scale from 0% to 100% that included the correct answer.

However, if the contestant decides to lock in a response, the response cannot be changed, and the contestant no longer has the option of taking the walk-away prize of Rs. If the contestant locks in a response, the survey result for the poll question is then revealed. The 1 Crore question he was asked was: What percentage of Indian men think they are more intelligent than women? The correct answer was in the range, thus he won 1 Crore.

If the survey's result is exactly the same as the contestant's response, the contestant is then awarded Rs. But, if the survey's result is not exactly the same as the contestant's response, the contestant will be awarded Rs. He quit the show and didn't gamble for 10 Crore, but dialed in a guess of 57%.

Workouts being mandatory for their preparations, the young stars are often seen breaking a sweat at the gym.

In a recent video that surfaced on the internet, Janhvi is seen demonstrating on how to get six pack abs in five minutes.

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100,000,000 (ten crore rupees) prize level, i.e., Rs.