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Sex dating in hessle yorkshire

Mr Mac Kay, MP for Bracknell, resigned as Mr Cameron's parliamentary private aide after it was disclosed the couple had effectively been claiming second home allowance for mortgage interest payments on two properties - one in London and one in the Midlands.Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, who was jailed for 12 weeks earlier this year for dangerous driving, claimed a total of £55,433.

The bulk of Mr Cameron's claim was made up by the £1,081 monthly mortgage interest payment on his second home, though there were also claims for phone bills, gas, electricity, heating oil, insurance and council tax.

Speaking after the verdict, Lesley Smith, Mr Hunt's former girlfriend of around three years, condemned the internet fraudsters.

"These people are out to get people when they are very vulnerable and at a low ebb. "Philip was a very gentle gentleman, very quiet and reserved and very intelligent, which hearing the story today you find unbelievable but he was at a low ebb and it gets people at their most vulnerable." Detective Chief Inspector Danny Snee, of British Transport Police, said Mr Hunt had met "Rose" on a website in December 2008 and communicated with her through emails and texts.

Cabinet couple: Yvette Cooper and her husband Ed Balls, who have paid back some of their expenses claims after a drop in interest rates reduced their mortgage bill.

They claimed a total of £23,679 in 2008/09 Health Minister Mrs Keen, MP for Isleworth and Middlesex, and Feltham and Heston MP Mr Keen also claimed mortgage interest, ground rent, council tax and telephone costs under ACA - despite their constituencies being less than an hour from Westminster.

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Mr Osborne successfully claimed £112.70 for repairing his Aga in the following financial year.