Updating gears of war 2

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Updating gears of war 2

Sorry for the strong language but I needed to say that and get it off my chest.I decided to try Gears again after I saw that TU6 was coming out, player matches were added, and it was triple xp weekend for memorial day. Weapon-wise, it made the shotgun better, which is something this game didn't need. The host still has a ridiculous advantage when it comes to actually playing, despite the patch notes saying it would fix this.They'll be available to play for free in public matchmaking on October 30, 2017.If you're a season pass holder and play these maps from Monday, then you also earn double experience and extra credits.I have a friend that blames host ALL THE TIME when someone out BR's him in Halo 3, and I laugh on the inside every time he does it.

I really wanted to get back into Gears multiplayer but I can't help but to feel like none of the problems have been fixed since November 2008.There's obviously Halloween at the end of the month and Gears of War's anniversary in November.Both of these events will feature new characters and other items.Season pass holders will get this bonus across all 34 maps.That's it for this update but Gears of War 4 has plenty of more content coming soon.

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It's hard to say that when you are opposing the host and you get into a shotgun battle with him one-on-one, you appear to fire 3 shots into his body, not downing him, then he insta-kills you, then at the end of the match you see he has more than double the amount of kills than anyone else, it's hard to say that's okay and not broken. You are going to die, it isn't the host, its the rust. There is always host advantage in every game, and people exaggerate it in Gears because of the 1v1 encounters the game play consists of.

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